Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MySQL 5.1 Bug Zap: Bug day result

Today was targeted at looking through the mysql-dfsg-5.1 bugs to triage them. We ended up with all bugs having their importance set and their status set to Triaged or Incomplete.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to fixing most of them as well as some upgrade testing. I'll also have a look at the new mysql upstart job that has replaced the mysld_safe script.

Looking at the bugs today I've found a couple of bugs that look easy to fix:

  • Bug 552053:  mysqld_safe should be available in mysql-server

  • Bug 498939: mysql- packages section on synaptic

To get started grab a copy of the package branch:
bzr init-repo mysql-dfsg-5.1/
cd mysql-dfsg-5.1/
bzr branch lp:ubuntu/mysql-dfsg-5.1

Fix a bug and push the branch to launchpad:
bzr push lp:~YOUR-LOGIN/ubuntu/mysql-dfsg-5.1/zap-bug-XXXXXX

And finish up by creating a merge proposal for the Lucid package branch. I'll take a look at the list of merge proposal throughout the day and include them in the upload schedule for tomorrow.

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