Monday, November 30, 2009

RFP: packages to promote to main and demote to universe for Lucid Lynx LTS

The Ubuntu Server team is requesting feedback on the list of packages to be promoted to main and demoted to universe during this release cycle.

Lucid being an LTS release we wanna make sure that packages in main are maintainable for 5 years.  Useful packages should be promoted to main while packages that provide duplicated functionalities or are not maintained anymore should be demoted to universe.

The LucidServerSeeds wiki page is used to track packages under discussion. If you want to add a package to this discussion you should edit the relevant section (either Proposed universe demotions or Proposed main promotions) of the wiki page.

For example the current list of proposed packages to be moved to universe includes

  • nis

  • elinks

  • lm-sensors

  • sensord

  • cricket

  • radvd

  • logwatch

  • vlock

  • lilo

  • libxp6

The current packages being discussed for main promotion include acl, ctdb and tdb-tools  (to support Samba cluster). A switch from autofs 4 to autofs 5 is also under discussion.

Any feedback is welcome and should be added to the wiki page.