Monday, October 5, 2009

Sep 28 - Oct 02 Wrap-up

Loads of Karmic Beta -server isos testing.

One day of UEC Beta testing: chased down with Dustin and Matt the failure of the auto-registration upstart scripts. Turns out to be a bug in Upstart - known by Scott who has a simple fix (dbus related).

Investigate failed RAID installation: this is a known boot loader issue. Added a section about it to the Karmic Release note.

Install UNR Karmic beta on my mini 10v. Write up blog post about it. Looks slick.

Put shorewall back into main. Fell off to universe due to a package rename in Debian.

More work on directory/krb5 infrastructure using puppet: add support for slapd modules and schemas to the puppet configuration. Slow progress towards a fully automated deployment of a directory+krb5 infrastructure for testing purposes in EC2.

Update server team knowledge with the lists of daily New,Undecided Bugs so that daily triaging can be kicked off. The lists are automatically generated on

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