Friday, September 18, 2009

Sep 11 - Sep 18 Wrap-up


Package image-store-proxy to enable the Image Store tab in Eucalyptus. The package (python-image-store-proxy) has made its way to main and on the -server isos in time for alpha6 with the help of Thierry and Kees.


Kept on investigating the use of puppet to build an ldap/krb5 infrastructure on EC2. Integrated dnsmasq and puppetmaster configuration. Discovered a few bugs along the way and reported them upstream. My current work is available from an LP branch. And puppet is awesome!

Alpha6 ISO testing

Loads of alpha6 testing.

Landscape-client Stable Release Update

Reviewed the landscape-client and smart SRU requests from the Landscape team.

Bug scripts

With the help of Brian my bug scripts are now regularly run on All bug lists used in the SRU review and the triaging process can be found on


Updated my status report script to publish a draft of my activity report on my blog as the weekly "wrap-up".

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